Jesse Jackson Calls for UN Intervention in US

In a video at the WSJ Opinion page, I discovered that “Jesse Jackson in these last days has called for the United Nations to intervene in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict.” This is not necessarily something unseen in America, unfortunately, but it does continue to show the extent to which those who have a firm grip on public opinion are willing to take Americans in the direction opposite of liberty.

Of course with the Zimmerman case, the polarization is immense and I do not wish to make the verdict the focus of this particular blog piece.  But whether one supports the decision or not, the idea that we ought to call in the United Nations for a local crime is astounding.  If you thought Eric Holder’s recent considerations “whether to pursue criminal civil charges against George Zimmerman” were too far beyond rightful jurisdiction, how much more so is it destructive for international bodies like the UN to intervene in Florida’s affairs?

Predictably, the WSJ video opinion piece completely misunderstands the reasons as to why the UN should stay out.  Mentioning that the United States is a “sovereign polity” and the State of Florida is a “quasi-sovereign” polity, guest Sohrab Ahmari tries to point out that the reason why this development is problematic is because it negatively affects world “perception” of America when an international body comes in to criticize our laws. This is a ridiculous reason. 

Rather than relying on some subjective calculation of “perception” the focus should be on jurisdiction and the fact that decentralization is the key to liberty.  Their presupposition that the Federal Government is sovereign over “quasi-sovereign” Florida is precisely why are liberties have been swallowed up since the Progressive Era. 

Instead of the US federal government being “chief” among governments, the opposite should ring true.  Not only must the liberty-lover believe that Florida is sovereign over the federal government, but we should also make it plain that our desire is to see the city Sanford, Florida sovereign over Florida as a state.  I think it wise to take this principle as far as possible.  We ought to listen to the words of Murray Rothbard: “Rights may be universal, but their enforcement must be local.”  

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