Jihad, Jesus, and Justification

I knew CPAC 2010 would bring a few disappointments, one of them being the neoconservative atmosphere that has sucked the life out of both the Republican Party and the wealth of the nation. One event stuck out like a sore thumb:  the “Political Third Rail: Jihad.” Needless to say, after hearing two speakers talk about how “Jihad is real in all Muslims” and how the United States must deal with this ideological threat, I couldn’t help but voluntarily walk out in disgust and outrage. 

There was one thing all of these neoconservatives missed, and that was evidently the understanding of culture. After playing their propaganda videos of Muslims chanting “La Illah Illih Allah” and wishing death to the West (because that’s just what all Arabs do, right?), everyone missed what was actually on the picket signs:  “Stop sending money to Israel,” “Remove US presence in the Middle East,” and “End occupation.” I think we can all agree that every religious sect has its crazies and fundamentalists, but perhaps they would have less to protest about and less to hate if our foreign policy wasn’t so imperialistic. 

And speaking of religious fundamentalists, the lady who sat next to me was clasping her hands together and shouting out “Amen!” every time a speaker said something not-so-politically-correct about Arabs that I wish not to say on this website. 

Hey, at least Ron Paul has it right!

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