Joe Biden’s Well-Deserved Reception

Joe Biden’s visit to Serbia has engendered quite the amusing reaction:

“Biden, you Nazi scum, go home,” said the posters brandished by opposition Radical Party deputies during the live national broadcast of a parliament sitting which coincided with the start of Biden’s visit.

The Radicals, who occupy around a fifth of places in the 250-seat assembly, then pasted the signs which also labelled Biden a “fascist” on a notice board and hallway.

They all appeared in parliament dressed in T-shirts bearing the image of the party’s president, Vojislav Seselj, who is currently on trial for war crimes before a UN tribunal in The Hague.

Seselj’s acting leader Dragan Todorovic described Biden’s visit as “the saddest day in Serbia’s history.”

The United States represented “all bad things that have struck the Serbian people, and whose inspirer was for the large part Biden,” Todorovic was as quoted as saying by Tanjug news agency.

Of course, the fact that Seselj is an alleged war criminal sort of takes the wind out of his charges. On the other hand, it takes one to know one. Biden was a big proponent of Clinton’s cowardly air war over Kosovo, which killed thousands and escalated the genocide there. He also unequivocally supported Kosovar secession, never thinking about Kosovo’s deep-rooted place within Serbian national consciousness. Emperor knows best, you see, and local considerations be damned.

But to Todorovic I say: look on the bright side. You only have to bear him for one day. Lucky we, who get the other 364.

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