Joe Carter Speaks for YAL at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

YAL at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary hosted Joe Carter of the Acton Institute last Thursday. Since we are a chapter at a Seminary, we had trouble finding the most appropriate speaker to host. Thankfully, we finally found Joe Carter, a senior fellow of the Acton Institute. He skyped in and had a fifteen minute presentation with slides in all. He gave a review of religious liberty in America of the past 50 years, and then gave some predictions about what the future may hold for christians in the United States. We then had about a twenty minute Q&A with Joe. We asked him what he thought Christians could do here and now to best protect our rights to religious freedom, and he said it is imperative that Christians stand up for the rights of everyone: Muslims, Atheists, and Christians all alike. I would highly suggest seeking out Joe Carter for any YAL chapters who are looking for a speaker for a Christian crowd!

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