Johnson State College Can Take A Joke

The YAL chapter at Johnson State is relatively new. The movement on campus began as a Students for Rand club but after his campaign ended, we transitioned over to Young Americans For Liberty. It has been a challenge getting the message out to students but a noble cause nonetheless. Our club has had some difficulty getting traction due to the business of end of semester responsibilities, however, when the opportunity presented itself to show “Can we take a Joke”, we jumped on it.

Audience members in our campus theater, "Stearns Cinema".

Seeing as though our YAL chapter is located in Vermont, one of the liberal bastions in The United States, we were not sure as to how the reception would be after showing the film. Luckily, it was successful and our discussions after the showing proved that to be the case. Despite severe liberal bias promoted by many of the professors on campus and various safe spaces, most of the students were in agreement that the first amendment exist precisely to protect controversial and offensive rhetoric.

One student brilliantly pointed out that someone should always be allowed to speak offensive views and at the same time any person has the ability to choose to listen to that person speak or not to. That is one of the best elements of our Constitution, choices. Someone can be an ass and you do not have to like it and that is perfectly ok. The danger occurs when we tell ourselves that we can shut someone up for simply having an opposing view.

It seems as though this message of free speech came across clear to the guests who attended the showing, and that I would call a success.

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