Jon Stewart Defends Ron Paul Against Fox News

My biggest criticism/question of the “Tea Party” movement as it has grown into a national phenomena has been, Where were all these protesters of big spending and big government when the Bush administration was doing all of the same things the Obama administration is doing? In a recent interview with Jon Stewart on Bill O’Reilly’s “The Factor” Jon brought up this very point. Though in the process he asked something that made me take back all of my criticisms of Mr. Stewart over the past year.

Jon Stewart: “Here’s another thing about the Tea Party Movement. Where was the anger? When we were spent into a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit under the Bush Administration. This has appeared out of no-where.”

Bill O’Reilly: It should have been there, and I’m partially to blame for that.”

Jon Stewart: Then why did Fox News not treat Ron Paul better? When he’s been talking about this stuff for the past 8 years… 10 years.”

O’Reilly of course shrugs it off and not only dodges the question but scoffs at the notion that Ron Paul is to be taken serious. Hats off to Jon Stewart for proving the point that Fox News is the same ole’ propaganda machine for the Neo-Conservatives.  Forward to the 6 minute mark of this clip to hear the exchange.
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