Jordan Page Comes to Rutgers

Friday April 23rd, Young Americans for Liberty Rutgers Chapter was lucky enough to be a part of Jordan Page’s Liberty College Tour.

Congressional candidates for New Jersey — Donna Ward and Fernando Powers — spoke on the need for liberty-minded activism not only via voting but through election day volunteering to ensure the one person-one vote principle. I played a few original songs and YAL-RU tabled, talked, and handed out myriad copies of “For Liberty” in a successful attempt to both bolster the chapter’s membership and raise awareness of liberty ideals, the message of peaceful revolution, and a return to constitutional government.

Members of the Targum, Rutgers’ mainstream media outlet, participated, photographed, and tapped their toes to Jordan’s down-home songs. Several presenters, both students and professors, taking part in an academic symposium across the street came out to listen and show their support for the movement and the message of limited government, fiscal responsibility, sensible foreign policy, and individual liberty. By the end of the afternoon after several hours of fun, music, and activism, Jordan and I were already planning next year’s visit — which will be much larger in scale.  His encouragement and endorsement of the chapter will not be in vain. This is just the start of the scarlet tidal wave of liberty that will be YAL-RU.

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