Jordan Peterson Video Debate Screening at University of Tulsa

Tonight I screened the recently gone-viral video of Jordan Peterson, Clinical Psychologist and Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, debating Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News. While this debate does not represent two opposing members of political competency, it is an exemplary video to dissect when discussing the topics of free speech, in addition to the culture of identity politics that has infiltrated college campuses in recent years, and moreover, what this means for liberty lovers, and what we can and should do about it. (With free pizza!)

While we only had about 6 people show up, we had more that wanted to make it but couldn’t. Besides, humble beginnings, amiright?

Additionally, this was a great video to screen for our first major event here at the University of Tulsa because Peterson acts as a model for the debate culture I want to cultivate within YAL and on my campus here in Oklahoma; calm, yet assertive; never rude, but always honest and in pursuit of truth.



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