Jordanian “Triple Agent” Responsible For Killing CIA Members In Afghanistan

It is evident that Jordanian Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi was responsible for killing the 7 CIA agents in Afghanistan, along with a Jordanian agent. Al Balawi was also an aspiring doctor who apparently worked at a clinic in a Palestinian refugee camp.

He was also an open Al Qaida sympathizer who started leaning towards radical ideas after the Gaza War. Even though he was a sympathizer, Jordanian Intelligence officials recruited him into the Jordanian’s General Intelligence  Directorate.  Despite his several online postings of pro-militant Islamist sites, he was trusted by the CIA.  Supposedly, Al Balawi also provded the Central Intelligence Agency with valuable tips on a top al Qaida leader.

However, what is most disturbing is that he was  unchecked at the Nato base, in which he made his way to a secret CIA installation with a suicide vest. It is obvious that this has been a security failure in epic porportions; not only a security failure, it is also an intelligence failure.  There was credible evidence that Al Balawi was not a reliable ally, yet little was done to delve into his militant background. I’d say the CIA has failed in on this one, just like Homeland Secuirty and the CIA failed on the Lap Bomber case.

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