Judge Executive Stamps Out Corruption in Kentucky

Thomas Massie spent much of the last year working to get Rand Paul elected to the Senate. In the meantime, he decided to run for Judge Executive (essentially mayor) of his county. As this article demonstrates, the recently sworn-in Massie is downsizing government and exposing corruption, much to the displeasure of bureaucrats and politicians:

Some called allegations made during Lewis County Fiscal Court’s Monday meeting an attempt to make government more transparent.

Others say it was an unnecessary airing of the county’s “dirty laundry.” ….

During the dialogue, Massie recognized a citizen in the audience to address the fiscal court. George Plummer, also a former judge executive, urged Massie and the magistrates to take the discussion of the allegations into executive session. He said the exposure of all the “dirty laundry” could damage or wreck careers….

“I think that’s what I was elected to do,” Massie said of the meeting and the exposure of the county’s “dirty laundry.”

You will definitely want to read the full article here.

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