Judge Nap to replace Glenn Beck?

Let’s hope so:

Glenn Beck fans and foes, take note: For those wondering if Fox News — which is “contemplating life without Beck” — can survive, last week was a good indicator that it can.

Beck, whose contract is up in December, was on vacation — with Judge Andrew Napolitano filling in on Beck’s 5 p.m. show Monday through Thursday…And the jury is in on the Judge: Napolitano held his own, maintaining roughly the same audience that Beck has drawn in 2011 — and, like Beck usually does, beat CNN, MSNBC, HLN and CNBC combined in total viewers….

[It’s a good] sign for Napolitano, who ought to be considered on the short-list to replace Beck, should Fox not renew Beck’s contract.

This would be a great improvement and could greatly expand the exposure the liberty movement gets on television:  Judge Napolitano has been a professor of constitutional law and is far better on issues of foreign policy and civil liberties than Beck has ever dreamed of being.

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