Julie Borowski at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

On Tuesday, April 11th, Julie Boroswki came to the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities to speak against the Drug War. Since the launch of the Drug War in 1971, the numbers of inmates have drastically increased, billions of dollars have been spent counterproductively, and hundreds of governmental agencies have been created (such as the DEA). Rather than allocating resources in more effective solutions, such as rehabilitation or educational programs, this costly war incarcerates thousands non-violent offenders by locking them behind cages as if they were animals. If there is one thing we learned from the Prohibition Era, it is that government-enforced prohibition on substances does not prevent people from consumption and creates a black market for consumers to participate in. As liberty-minded individuals, we oppose the Drug War and emphasize the pernicious effects it has in our society. Unfortunately, not many people are fully aware of the ongoing Drug War and its consequences. Therefore, we decided to bring Julie Borowski to campus to speak to students about the unseen repercussions of this endless war. After sharing her points, Julie opened the stage for a Q&A session. Approximately 30 students showed up to the event, which was co-hosted by College Libertarians. This event was a great way to leverage our liberty organizations (and movement) on campus and to attract new members.

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