July 4th Social Media Push


UPDATE: We just hit 15,000 likes on Facebook! Thanks everyone! Less than 500 followers to go to reach our goal on Twitter, follow us here: @YALiberty

As social networking intern for YAL, I’ve witnessed our Facebook and Twitter pages grow substantially over the last several months.  I’ve always believed in the power of social media, but I’ve been amazed at how many more people YAL is reaching by being active on the web.

We are approaching two important milestones in this regard: 15,000 likes on Facebook and 5,000 followers on Twitter.  We’ve set a goal for ourselves to reach these numbers by July 4th.  Will you help us?

Here are a few things you can do:

– Post our Facebook page on your wall, encouraging your friends to like us: http://facebook.com/yaliberty

– Do the same for our Twitter page: http://twitter.com/yaliberty

– If you’re on Twitter, tweet this message: “Help @YALiberty get to 5k followers by the 4th! Follow them and then RT! #yal #c4l #tlot #tcot”

– Retweet this message: http://twitter.com/#!/YALiberty/status/86460384705396737

(As an added bonus, we will follow back anyone who follows us between now and the 4th)

Thanks everyone, and Happy 4th!

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