June NATO’s Deadliest Month in Afghanistan Ever

AntiWar.com reports that this month has seen a spike of NATO deaths in Afghanistan — particularly American deaths.  Moreover, the increase has quickly outpaced a comparable spike in 2009 to become the deadliest month so far:

Summer has come earlier this year in Afghanistan, and with it, the typical summer spike in violence. This, coupled with the continued worsening of the security situation and the repeated NATO escalations have conspired to make June already the deadliest month for NATO troops since the 2001 invasion.

The current toll based on official announcements is 76 NATO soldiers killed, 46 of them Americans….

Perhaps the scariest part of the record toll is that it came so early in the summer. In 2009, the deadliest year of the war by far, June had only 38 NATO deaths total. With the number already double that, and another week to go, the reality is that every month in 2010 has been far, far deadlier than its 2009 counterpart.

I can’t really say I’m surprised that the situation is only getting worse, but this is still heartbreaking, especially given that we could (and should), as Ron Paul famously said about Iraq, just come home.  With death rates like this, it’s no wonder even the troops liked that idea.

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