Just a Bill, on Capital University

This Constitution Day our YAL chapter at Capital University was asked given the unique opportunity to table alongside our student government. Traditionally, Cap’s student senate holds a “Constitution and cake” event in the center of campus. Once students are lured in at the thought of free cake they are handed constitutions and reminded of how impressively simple our governing structure is, or ought to be. While this year was no different in that regard, we were able to add a special YAL flair and mix things up a bit.

While handing out constitutions was our main focus, we also hoped to start a dialogue on campus regarding the nature of the constitution. To help start the conversation, we developed a short quiz on some of the basic facts about the constitution (number of amendments, articles, ect.) to get our fellow students engaged in the literature.  While the overall performance was less than spectacular, the quiz was well received and many students left the table with a desire to learn more about our guiding document and luckily they all left with one!

Assisting us in drumming up the crowd was none other than the famous “Bill” himself!  Lucky for us students swarmed to come meet the newest piece of legislation on campus and were enthralled at the opportunity to shake “Bill’s” hand. After everything was all said and done, Constitution Day was a major success!

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