Just Another Morning on the Beach

Over the last few years, YAL has been an organization challenging our society to simply think different. We have been doing so daily, and have without a doubt been making a difference in our society. 

But this action doesn’t come without a price; in fact, I would argue that we may have developed a negative reputation because of such action. I say this because DSC’s chapter last summer was declined to partner up with both local law enforcement along with local organizations due to our organization’s “reputation”.  

This isn’t a bad thing, and I feel as if it is bound to happen when you are pushing new ideas across a society distracted by mainstream media, and of course “more important issues” like Kim Kardashian’s life. 

So this semester, we from Daytona State have decided to take a different route revolving extensively on Community service to help bring up and enlighten the individuals throughout our community on a more personal level.


Doing this helps solve the negative reputation problem our chapter has on a local level, in addition to connecting our community together to stand as one.

 So here is our start. the first of many Daytona Beach clean ups and other volunteer work to spread liberty on a scale larger than our college. We understand as a chapter to last in a two year community college we must build a positive relationship with Daytona, and so now we will.   

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