Just Say No — Really?

In a recent article in Politico, President Obama’s Drug Czar made it clear that “legalization” is not in the administration’s vocabulary. Although we know drugs are bad, it remains a personal choice and at the very least, at states’ right issue. Here are two gems from the article:

“People will say, ‘The war on drugs has not been successful; therefore, the next step is legalization,’ ” he said. “No – a balanced, comprehensive strategy that involves public health and public safety makes an awful lot of more sense.”

“People say, ‘Well, if you legalize drugs, it will reduce your tax issues, that states would be improved, and, by the way, your health would be improved,’” Gil Kerlikowske, the head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, told POLITICO. “Anybody that would sell me a product like that — I’d be very suspicious.”

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