Justin Amash Live stream

Sometimes it feels like the our libertarian perspective of such critical issues like the government’s mass surveillance just falls on deaf ears in Washington. Seeing a young Congressman like Amash speak on the issue gives me hope for the future that that not all is lost. However, I do know that he and our other allies in DC are the minority, and ending the surveillance state is an issue that I need to help fight for. Watching the live stream inspired me to want to contact my representatives, and tell them to support repeal of Section 702, which as Amash explained, legally allows for much of this data collection.

I liked how Cliff asked the right questions, about this very wrong program. Seeing the president of this organization speaking to a libertarian US Congressman just further galvanized my support for YAL. Fellow students need to know about this critical issue. With how much they’re on their phones, we almost have a moral obligation to tell them the extent of which their privacy is vulnerable. I think this live stream was a great way to get our YAL members thinking about the surveillance state, and hopefully it will compel them to go Restore the 4th on campus!

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