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Free Markets V-Day 1

As a part of our Free Markets 101 activities and to help generate some attention during tabling Kansas State YAL members used our creativity to make economics-themed Valentine’s Day cards. 

The cards were a hit and over 100 were handed out during the week. Of the people visiting the table over 30 signed up to be added to our list-serv and about a dozen expressed interest in attending a future meeting. Each card had meeting information written on the back to remind them when and where to find us.

Some examples of messages included:

  • In a market free of artificial distortions, I would choose you.
  • Your heart is my gold standard.
  • My love for you is greater than the national debt.
  • Unlike fiat money, you’re worth something to me.
  • Love me and I’ll never be manipulative or price-controlling.
  • …and many more!

We are very happy with the response to the valentines. It was fun coming up with the messages and making the cards. I am excited to see the effects of our members’ effort at the next meeting.” said KSU YAL Vice President Ian Unruh.

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