Kansas Goes Gun Crazy: April Activism Part 1

gun debate

This is the first in a series of public forums KU-YAL members participated in during April Activism month.

On April 17, Kansas YAL students attended a campus forum and distributed materials showing our support of the people’s right to bear arms, which shall not be infringed. The materials included a chart highlighting the disparity in crime statistics for Chicago, D.C., and Houston before and after gun bans.

The discussion centered on the national gun debate at the Dole Institute of Politics.  The event, titled “GUN CONTROL: Freedom vs. Safety,” attracted considerable interest and was hosted by members of the Student Advisory Board, including our very own chapter member Anthony Orwick.  This is part of our strategy to have members involved in key working groups and coalitions on campus to promote liberty.

Fireworks were surprisingly mild between Patricia Stoneking, President of the Kansas Rifle Association, and Allen Rostron, Constitutional Law Scholar and Professor at UMKC and Former Senior Staff Attorney at the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Oh, goodie.

Rostron was agreeably moderate on the idea of legislating gun controls, opting however for modest expansion of gun registration and extending current regulation on machine guns to .50 caliber weapons.  Otherwise he was often heard saying that he agreed with Stoneking and many other pro-gun advocates’ hardline positions, to the chagrin of every gun grabber in the audience.

3D Printing

During the Q&A, a troublesome free-thinker asked a dumbfounding question that highlighted the pointless nature of registration when, “people in 50 to 100 years” will be 3D printing firearms from their homes.  Check it out, this technology is ALREADY available today.

SENATE FAIL: This came off the heels of significant legislation failing in the Senate that day.


Victory also came from the Kansas legislature who expanded concealed carry in most public buildings including colleges like the University of Kansas by 2017.  Also, protections for knives, arms made in Kansas,  and what got Eric Holder in a panic; a provision that would nullify federal gun laws and strict prohibition on federal agents from violating Kansas gun law –punishable by arrest!

Read Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s letter to Eric Holder to back off here.

Read Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s letter here.

Tom Woods calls the Kansas bill “astonishing” at this year’s State Convention.

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