Kansas State University Recruitment Drive

On January 19th Kansas State University held their Spring Recruitment Drive at the second activities fair of the year. The activities fair ran from 6pm until 8pm in the student union. Once a semester students can get their organizations and clubs out and in front of students, in an attempt to recruit and pitch their mission to potential students looking to join a new club on campus.

We used effective tabling to draw students in. We had posters, books, stickers, candy, and even music. We also put up a video of YALS mission and goal statement. Since it was the second semester and not many people came we had a good time talking to the people passing by and found that many students on campus had no idea that there was a libertarian club on campus; they were very happy to learn that we were on campus. We did receive a couple sign ups and will be doing our first activism event in March.

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