Karol Boudreaux visits UVA: Activism Report

The University of Virginia YAL chapter hosted Karol Boudreaux of the Omidyar Network to discuss free market development in Africa.

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Despite what many in the western world may think, the past ten years have been a period of sustained economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa and some development economists are suggesting that the continent has finally “turned a corner.” Although growth has not been even and problems of poverty, hunger, disease remain, in many places positive social and economic change is palpable. The lecture discussed how African countries are making the transition to more sustainable economic growth, the role that policy changes have made in the process and the role than entrepreneurs — traditional, social and policy entrepreneurs — have played and continue to play in transforming Africa.


The talk attracted more than 25 students and community members! We received help from the Institute for Humane Studies in publicizing and funding the event.

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