Keep Your Savings Away from the Dollar

The $8 Trillion spent by the Treasury and Congress in the last few months, most of which was printed by the Fed, implies a huge wave of inflation that will hit us in the next couple years.  Last year’s estimated Gross Domestic Product was $14 Trillion.  Even if the Federal Government imposed a 50% tax, it still wouldn’t bring in enough funding for all this federal spending.  Ron Paul, from his Texas Straight Talk weekly column, believes this monetary base increase is at 75%.

If those that control the money supply control the nation, then one of the strongest messages we can send to lessen government’s control is by adopting new currencies.  We all must purchase physical gold and silver, own commodity stocks from outside the United States, and form local currencies that are not pegged to fiat currencies.  The sooner you, your family, and friends adopt these ideas, the better prepared you will be in the painful times that lie ahead.

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