Kennesaw State Debt Clock and Talk

February was an exceptionally busy month for Kennesaw State University Young Americans for Liberty. In addition to our usual weekly efforts, our chapter put together a 40-foot long wooden national debt clock and displayed it on the 22nd in the middle of our campus as part of YAL’s Visualize the Debt event. On top of that, we hosted a discussion about the U.S national debt featuring Allen Buckley (2016 GA LP U.S Senate candidate) on the 24th. While the logistics of putting these events together may have been a little challenging for our growing chapter, we were able to pull it off without any trouble and without going over budget.

Our objectives in holding these events were:

-First, to draw our community’s attention to the incomprehensibly large  and  growing national debt

-Second, to provide an opportunity for those interested to learn more about the  growing national debt such as its potential consequences and how we might resolve it

-Third, to recruit people into our chapter 

After everything was said and done we accomplished all three. The first was obviously the one we thoroughly nailed; after we set up our 40-foot long debt clock in the middle of campus, people couldn’t seem to keep their eyes off of it or pass us without asking about it. We achieved the second through the many conversations had with passers-by on the 22nd and the discussion we got them to go to on the 24th. The third being achieved through the many sign ups we got as a result of these two events.

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