Kennesaw State Fall Membership Drive

Today the Young Americans for Liberty at Kennesaw State had a strong opening event. Braving the 90 degree heat, we set up a table in the center of the campus green at peak lunch hours. Our chapter was able to get fifty sign ups all within two hours. We were able to successfully pass out most of our pocket constitutions and bottle openers! 

Of course with any tabling event we also had quite a few interesting conversations. We met people who fell on every side of the political spectrum. Topics of discussion included taxation, policing, and debt. As a matter of fact we made such a good impression that one student dropped his backpack then and there and decided to help us table! One of the most helpful tools in gaining students attention was handing out the, “What to say to police” cards. We got quite a few strange looks but most looked at them briefly and nodded their heads in agreement. 

This membership drive was certainly a success in our book and we are looking forwards to making liberty win like never before this semester!

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