Kennesaw State Free Speech

On Wednesday, September 21st YAL at KSU spent the day rolling a free speech ball around campus. In honor of constitution week we thought it was fitting to express the first amendment by having fellow students write on the ball. We had hundreds upon hundreds of students and even a few faculty members jot down a few thoughts, comments, phrases etc. We handed out dozens and dozens of pocket constitutions and bottle openers until we did not have any left! This event was certainly the most engaging of the semester so far.

Immediately following the free speech ball the chapter hosted an “Insight to Action” forum with Generation Opportunity in which both YAL members and fellow students received a brief training regarding just how to defend free speech on campus and beyond. We listened as a few students had discussed their problems with free speech being stifled on campus and then discussed how to fight back. It was certainly uplifting to see that the idea of free speech was one of the most important rights according to the students attending!

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