Kennesaw State Liberty Movement

The Kennesaw State YAL chapter decided to hit the ground running at the beginning of the fall semester of 2016. Though the KSU chapter was formed last minute, you would certainly never know!

Our chapter members were fired up to start communicating with other students about YAL and and just what exactly we stand for. We all braced the nearly one hundred degree Georgia heat and strolled around the campus handing out pocket constitutions and information cards. As expected, there were a good number of students who brushed us off but we were encouraged by the number of students who actually were interested.

The beautiful thing about the pro-liberty message is that virtually every person we came into contact with had at least one position and/or idea that we agreed on! We were able to reach people of different races, gender, and even some with political beliefs that we had not even heard of before. More importantly than just sharing our core beliefs, we were able to answer a few questions that our fellow students had. Over the course of a few hours we successfully gave out all of our pocket constitutions. If that isn’t starting out on a positive note I am not sure what is! We are looking forward to growing our chapter and furthering the message of liberty this school year!

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