Kennesaw State September Membership Drive

On the warm morning of September 18th the Kennesaw State chapter and I executed our second tabling event of the year. For only a two hour tabling I would say it went very well. We spoke with many people about various subjects such as DACA and free speech. This was the first time our chapter had been stationed on the west side of campus  so many students had not seen nor heard of us before. We used this time to also mention to students about our upcoming free speech event later this week.

Overall, we were met with positive vibes and one woman came up to us and said, “I really appreciate what you guys are doing. You might not know it but you make a difference.” That statement reminded both myself and my fellow chapter members as to why we do what we do. It is always nice to hear regular people show such appreciation for the message of liberty. We are looking forward to carrying this momentum through the rest of the semester!

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