Kennesaw State University Spring Membership Drive

The KSU Young Americans for Liberty chapter executed their spring membership drive on Thursday, January 25th. Despite having to move the event around due to snow, it was ultimately still a success. Chapter President Victor Peters, State Chair Adam Heffner, Secretary Neil Wolin, and Officer Andrew Ereddia were on the ground recruiting. The overall traffic was a bit lower than usual due to the cold weather but with fewer people, the dialogue with other students was actually more in-depth than usual. With it being a new semester we had a few new students express interest in what exactly we at YAL believe in, what we do etc.

As usual, the YAL branded bottle openers were gone within mere minutes! One strategy we employed more so than usual was repeating our meeting time and place on campus. We are optimistic that at least a student or two will drop in and both discuss and learn about the pro-liberty principles that we try so hard to convey on campus. The KSU chapter has a few more large events scheduled for the semester and the spring drive was a great way to get the ball rolling!

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