Kent State University learns about Privacy Rights

On October 20th, YAL Kent State dressed down in our most convincing NSA-esque regalia to challenge our fellow students on their 4th Amendment knowledge. Approaching students and demanding to riffle through their phones and check their bags, we experienced a surprising number of compliant participants!
Using this excellent icebreaker to engage students, we educated them on their 4th Amendment right to privacy. Many students had no idea that they had to be secure in their papers and effects from government surveillance. We told them how the Patriot Act and USA Freedom Act allow government to gather data on us without warrants or probable cause.
Due to our free speech week events, some left groups on campus came to counter-protest our event. We engaged with them and discussed the ideas of privacy rights, and they were very receptive to our message.
Campus media came out to cover our event, and we had a ton of fun Restoring the 4th at Kent!

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