Kenyon University YAL Defends Free Speech

This semester, Kenyon’s YAL chapter experienced a surprising amount of backlash for promoting liberty and free speech on campus. In January, I sent out a university wide email that invited students who were tired of the political correctness on campus to join YAL. The email stirred up so much controversy the school newspaper wrote a story about us and came to the first meeting to cover it. Some students who opposed our message wanted the university to prevent our group from forming. Luckily, I was able to rally some members who were passionate about the issues and wanted to help protect free speech on campus. Staff and faculty I met with were very supportive of our mission, despite student negativity. In February or March, we hung up anti-planned parenthood posters on some bulletin boards (pictured) and we recorded the posters being ripped down by a student after they kept disappearing. Some of our members have even received death threats from other students! Needless to say, our ideas are not very popular on campus, but all the backlash has just made our convictions for liberty that much stronger. I look forward to continuing to push back against the mainstream narrative on campus next semester!

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