Kevin Carson

Many of you may have heard of Kevin Carson, a mutualist writer and researcher who has recently published several interesting books on political economy — such books as The Iron Fist Behind the Invisible HandStudies in Mutualist Political Economy, and Organization Theory.  Carson is an advocate of free markets who argues that modern capitalism is in no means a result of free markets, but rather state policies.  Whether or not one agrees, it is an interesting idea to consider and also should cause us to reflect on the diversity within the liberty movement.  

For example, Carson writes:

The time-honored “free market” recipe, among the ruling classes, goes like this: 1) rob the producing classes of their traditional property rights in the land, and turn them into tenants at-will of the plutocracy; 2) through coercive controls on the population, like the Combination Laws and Law of Settlement, make it impossible for the producing classes to bargain effectively in the wage market; 3) when the process is complete, talk a lot about how great the free market works, and justify the existing concentration of capital ownership as a result of the superior efficiency of those who came out on top.

I’d encourage everyone to take a look at Carson’s ideas, as they are an interesting and somewhat different take on the nature of free markets and government intervention.

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