Kickoff Meeting 2017

The kickoff meeting for GVSU’s YAL/SFL Chapter was a great success!  New members showed up excited to share their ideas and plans for the upcoming semester. The chapter will be exploring everything, from the roots of libertarian philosophy and various schools of economics, to healthcare reform and interventionism in the Middle East. Our chapter welcomes students from all walks of the political spectrum to engage with one another and learn about the benefits of a free society.

The meeting started with pizza, beverages, and brief introductions by all attendees. Once everyone was acquainted with one another, I was able to share my experiences with YAL and SFL and what it has allowed me to learn and accomplish. The Vice President of the chapter, Zach Vandegutche, talked about his experience attending ISFLC and welcomed students to join him on the voyage to D.C. this February. Zach will be leading the ISFLC expedition this year and is working very hard to acquire the funding necessary to help alleviate the financial burden on students.  

The rest of the meeting was spent discussing ideas for discussion topics during the semester and possible activism events.  Much was accomplished in the hour and a half that the “lakers for liberty” congregated.  Everyone is enthusiastic to continue learning from one another and will play a large role in making this chapter great again! 

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