KU YAL dominates South-Central region in Constitution Day

Vice President Laurissa Marcotte and table

Liberty is alive and well at the University of Kansas!

Constitution Day on Monday, September 17 launched the official beginning of our semester with lots of support from students and faculty, young and old on campus.

Engaging the students

Our returning members were astonished at the increase in support — even from last year — in the number of people interested in the abolition of free speech codes on campus, the Bill of Rights and how economic freedom can lead to individual wealth and prosperity.

Replicating last year’s success on campus was vital to challenging the established campus speech codes. The most basic freedom, free speech, should not ever be infringed upon on even a most basic level. Unfortunately, University of Kansas policy severely limits and restricts free speech across campus in a variety of ways.

Kansas State Chairs Anthony Orwick and Will Stewart-Starks Activism

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has officially given the University of Kansas a red light rating — the most severe — for restricting the most basic Constitutional right.

David Conway, our chapter’s acting Vice President and recently elected treasurer, was interviewed by Channel 6 news in Lawrence describing the violations of the Bill of Rights on campus: “Where in the constitution does it permit free speech zones on public property?”

The returning members from last year all gathered and spent the Saturday prior planning, organizing and building our different displays. These included Economic Freedom:

Economic Freedom - Cut the Red Tape

The violations of our 1st, 4th and 5th amendments:

Bill of Rights wooden display

4th Amendment Focus

And our free speech wall:

KU YAL Members David Conway and Tabitha Marcotte sign free speech wall

KU YAL After a Successful Constitution Day Event

During the day, many students were attracted by the section of our table highlighting economic freedom. With all the resources donated from our valuable partners in liberty, we handed out Mises booklets, brochures on why Austrian economics matters, 75 After the Welfare State books, and dozens of The Morality of Capitalism books alongside our hundreds of Constitutions.

Tabling Supplies

After about 7 hours of tabling, we ended up receiving 40 sign-ups and handing out over 100 Constitutions to anyone who was interested in the ideas of liberty.

Free Constitutions

Then, we joined our KU Student Senate…

YAL Members speaking with Student Body President and Vice President Hannah Bolton and Brandon Woodard

…alongside state senator Barbara Ballard, other faculty and students, and universities across the nation in publicly reciting the Preamble to the Constitution.

Table 2

Members of other organizations on campus were thrilled that we displayed three amendments most valuable to college students. We engaged students who were pleasantly surprised that issues like free speech, privacy and Miranda rights were so applicable to their lives. We handed out fliers informing students about our weekly meeting to everyone who passed by.

Kansas State Chair Will Stewart-Starks Handing out Flier

Eight students ended up becoming dues-paying members at the weekly meeting on Tuesday afternoon following Constitution Day.

State Chairs Active On Campus

Kansas State Chair Anthony Orwick and Dum-dums for liberty!

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