Kutztown University Free Speech Ball 

On Thursday October 12th ,2017 the students of the Kutztown chapter of Young Americans for Liberty held an event to promote freedom of speech on their campus. The chapter rolled around an 8-foot beach ball where the students of Kutztown could write whatever they pleased on it. The goal of this event was to make the students of Kutztown aware of the unconstitutional speech codes on campus. Many students were drawn to the ball and had much to say. The topics on the ball varied greatly, from political views to words of motivation and love.

This was Kutztown University’s 4th free speech event this semester to bring attention to the students and administration the clear violation of our 1st amendment rights. We have been working on an non enforcement case. We have been working on changing speech codes for over a year and a half.. We have also held meetings with the administration to work towards changing speech codes.

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