Kutztown University’s First Semester!

Fall 2015 was an amazing semester for the Kutztown University chapter. As our first active semester comes to and end we held many activism events, socials, and went to a conference. Our club grew from three officers to having 12 official members on the yaliberty site.

Our first event was the recruitment drive which was held in our universities recreation center. Our officers were able to meet lots of people and get them interested about liberty.

recruitment drive

In the following days our first meeting was held.


We offered pizza and tons of freedom for attending our meeting, and many of the people that attended our first meeting still come back today. Members were very impressed by the information they learned about how large the YAL network is, and how they could become a part of it.


Just after our first meeting we held Constitution day. We constructed a giant two-sided Free Speech Wall and asked everyone walking but if they wanted to exercise their First Amendment rights.

We got a lot of people to sign up that day, and our members got to experience tabling for the first time. This activism event won our chapter a $1000 grant from Students for Liberty to travel to a Regional Conference.



We held two socials during the year, our first at Pop’s Malt Shoppe, who even helped advertise our social on twitter. Our other social during the regular weeks of the semester was at a pizza shop where our group had interesting conversation over today’s pressing topics.



Our chapter also took the initiative this semester to make sure all of the presidential debates were available to the whole campus. We reserved rooms in our student union building and offered free popcorn to anyone who wanted to watch with us.


Another activism project we did was YAL-O-WEEN to show our campus what civil liberties would die as government grows. We did this with a civil liberties graveyard and we handed out candy that had our meeting times and locations.


We tabled multiple times throughout the semester in different places on campus so we could reach a new crowd every time.

Tabling 1

Tabling is essential to a chapter. After tabling our membership always rises and we are able to have interactive and informative meetings.


Eight people from our chapter were able to attend the Students for Liberty Pittsburgh Regional Conference. There we heard from wonderful speakers and were able to bond as a chapter on our weekend trip.


At our last meetings of the semester we held elections in order to fill open officer positions. Each candidate gave a speech on why they should be voted for. Our chapter now has a strong and dedicated executive board.


Our chapter has grown and done so much in its first semester, and we are even more excited for 2016. We have activism plans and partnerships with other organizations that will help our chapter grow even larger. 


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