Lakers With Attitude

I have never had more fun at a recruitment drive than I did this year at Grand Valley State University’s annual Campus Life Night. Campus Life Night is an opportunity for all student orgs to recruit new members and talk with them a little about the group they are promoting. With the availability of a megaphone (shoutout to Nathan Berning from LI), some awesome tunes, and the assistance of my friends Zach, Maddy, and Mitchell, we were able to get over 80 sign-ups within the hour and half event.

Students were very receptive to the tunes being played through the megaphone, a lot of which had pro-liberty messages. I would intermittently grab the megaphone at appropriate times to make necessary side comments to passersby. We found a random freshman with a “Make Taxation Theft Again” hat — that may have been the easiest sign-up I have ever gotten!  Besides that, we met a few people already familiar with libertarianism. One anarchist, some minarchists, and Libertarian Party people were interested.

I look forward to educating, training, and mobilizing the future of Grand Valley’s YAL/SFL chapter, and guiding them to the ultimate light, which is human liberation.

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