Larry Sharpe Town Hall at St. Lawrence University

SLU Young Americans for Liberty hosted (just hosted, we did not endorse) New York Libertarian Party gubernatorial nominee Larry Sharpe last night in a town-hall style event. He explained his plans, or lack thereof, for the state, admitting that he, as someone from Queens, doesn’t know what’s best for the North Country (our location in Northern New York state). His solution was to decentralize the state government to allow for county and local governments to better utilize their own solutions to their problems, rather than have to deal with a state government that claims to know best for the entire state.

This line of reasoning made Sharpe’s libertarian philosophy immediately apparent. He also suggested an innovative answer to the age-old question libertarians always hear: “Who will build the roads/bridges/infrastructure?” He suggested that the state government offer naming rights to these structures, in the same manner that sponsors buy naming rights for sports stadiums.

Sharpe took questions from those who already seemed like libertarians and their statist counterparts alike. Discourse remained civil and respectful on both sides. At the end of the event, I believe those in the audience unfamiliar with libertarianism or even opposed to it were warming up to its ideas after hearing Sharpe explain them.

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