Last Drive of the Year

About a week ago, YAL @ Champlain College had our last recruitment drive of the year. We saw some interest from new students and continued support from current ones. But Champlain actually closes its doors a few weeks early, compared to UVM or other schools in the northeast, so we were sort of asking a lot, for people to start with something new when classes are just getting over. And with the end of this year, I will be leaving Champlain for the last time, and graduating on May 3.

Even still, the students we have managed to get to join are passionate about the cause and are willing to put in the work to bring more first years in next year. I have confidence that YAL will continue to be a part of  the Champlain campus, in tandem with the UVM YAL group, and hope that some of our younger students can push the group onward and upward in future years!

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