Last Minute Shopping Ideas for the Scroogey Statist in Your Life

Before you set out on the last minute holiday shopping spree through the junk of the 21st century, allow Silver Underground to make some shopping suggestions that will kill two birds with one stone — you know, buying the gift and having “the talk.” If you are a liberty-minded person, we all know the goal from the moment you wake up to when you go to bed is to talk to friends, family, and coworkers about liberty and how the state is the enemy.

Your first instinct this holiday season may be to buy up all the Hayek and Mises books to share with your friends…but get real.  They don’t want to read a book like that (I’ll be fair — maybe 1 out of 500 people will). Let’s stick to fun in order to ship your message to their psyche.  Here are a few ideas to provide useful gifts to loved ones and even the scroogey statist on your Christmas list:

— Try the ever-so-popular V for Vendetta movie or graphic novel for the geeks in your life!

— But if you MUST get a book, try to avoid our buddy Hayek, although he did make a splash after Glenn Beck gave “The Road to Serfdom” a friendly plug during his show. How about something that speaks to everyone in a dramatic, entertaining way? Here’s a suggestion:

— Another cool gift I recently got for a family member is a gift that, according to the market, could keep on giving.  If you don’t know where to begin in purchasing precious metals, start with getting a Silver Circle round and we can refer you to some great dealers who can provide you with quality silver.

— Want to buy something a little more interactive…how about a gift certificate to the gun range? Maybe pay for them to take some fire arms safety courses.  Find NRA activities near you for some options, or simply look up in the virtual yellow pages a gun range near you.

— Survival kits can help nonchalantly train your friends and family for the worst. Try preparing a beginner’s survival kit. Add a silver round, bags of seeds, first aid equipment, DIY books, and can of Spam. If they give you that look…say you were merely giving them a kit for their car in case they ever break down in a winter storm. Here’s a make your own kit site to make a fun grab bag of all the necessities.

I hope this can get your wheels turning for some pro-liberty gifts for friends.  Have better ideas? Leave a comment here and tell us your good idea. Happy shopping and best of luck with “the talk” this holiday season. Feel free to use our Fed Fridays for some evidence to back up your statements!

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