Laughs for Freedom: College Comedy Tour

The 2012 Laughs for Freedom College Tour is almost here! Presented by The Society of Libertarian Entrepreneurs, Laughs for Freedom is a college tour that can bring pro-liberty stand-up comedy to your campus for free this Fall!


The goal is to awaken students to the ideas of liberty, have them laughing their bums off at the silliness of statism, and getting them involved in politics and your YAL chapter!

By working with student activities, hundreds of students will be reached with each night of hilarious liberty oriented entertainment. Comedians include Watt Smith, Saleem, and me — Joe Emerson.


Take advantage of our pop-culture driven society and host Laughs for Freedom on your campus. What better way to reach out to your student body than to host a comedy show — and get your school to pay for it!

  • Increase membership for your group
  • Low-cost way to get an event on your campus
  • We don’t want you to spend a dime in hosting LFF on your campus

We can help you make it happen:

To host Laughs for Freedom on your campus for the 2012 tour, simply fill out this form! Let us know your group is in the YAL network and the team will then help you with the logistics of the event and get your campus rocking! You may also call 804-239-3199.

This is a new and exciting way to spread our message today. We have brought it to you, but it’s up to you to use it for liberty!

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