Laurence Vance on Military Doublespeak

Laurence Vance is always excellent on the subject of war, particularly when he writes about its relationship to Christianity.  I saw him speak in June, and he did not disappoint. I was particularily impressed by his boldness in discussing the biblical conception of war and countering arguments for a more hawkish perspective presented by the audience — even those wishing to have their military records validated.

Now, he’s composed a pretty long list of doublespeak our government and society use in relation to the military.  Here’s a small sample:

  • Troop surge: escalation of a war we are losing.

  • Flying sorties: bombing civilians and their property.

  • Stationed overseas: helping to maintain the U.S. global empire of troops and bases.

  • Enhanced interrogation techniques: torture by the United States.

  • Extraordinary rendition: U.S. sanctioned torture by other countries.

  • Fighting terrorism: making terrorists.

  • Fighting our enemies: making more enemies.

  • Defending our freedoms: destroying our freedoms.

Read the rest of the list (there’s a lot more) here.

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