Lawyer in Solitary Confinement for Questioning a Bureaucrat’s Motivations

According to Victoria Fine, editor of the Huffington Post, her father was unjustly thrown into prison for putting forth an argument that an L.A. Superior Court judge could not give an impartial ruling because the judge received compensation from both the state and the county.  Apparently the payments were illegal under state law and unconstitutional according to the California Court of Appeals (case law which California should closely follow).  Now, this elderly man is in solitary confinement because he was held in contempt of court.

What is a little confounding about this article is the fact that Victoria Fine doesn’t necessarily see a conflict of interest in ALL state-funded judges when the state is either a defendant or plaintiff.  

Nonetheless, what Ms. Fine is going through is an outrage.  If I had the resources I would march on that judge right now.  But I don’t… and the state does.   So instead I’ll fall back onto one of my favorite lines:  If you can’t trust a state-funded bureaucrat, who can you trust?

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