LDS Business College Slays Constitution Day

The phoenix has risen. LDS Business College is back in the game hosting the school’s Constitution Day party. 12 boxes of pizza, a huge constitution day cake, music, a free speech ball, and a constitution that rolled across the floor with signatures made for the party everyone was talking about for weeks at the BC. The faculty had been planning beforehand to host the party, but seeing as all they had planned was cake, our YAL chapter decided to amp it up and volunteered to be the first club run party of the semester and it definitely grabbed the attention of incoming freshmen. The pizza table was swarmed, most everyone that was on campus came down to the main floor for a pocket constitution and a slice. We were able to get the general consensus of the school that most students were highly interested in learning more about politics and what this country was founded on. Recruiting was done and we gained some of our top leaders from this event. Not only has YAL become a group that people now recognize and remember, a new force to be reckoned with on campus, we also have the school pumped for our upcoming YALoween party.

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