Leading from the Front

I’ll make a personal promise to President Barack Obama.  

I promise I will vote for Obama in 2012 if he would start each day with a hearty breakfast full of eggs, cheese, biscuits and gravy, hashbrowns, several cured meats, a pot of black coffee and a jug of orange juice, then don an Iron Man suit, and fly over to Iraq and lead a patrol of soldiers through a town, killing anyone mercilessly and ruthlessly if attacked, fly back to the White House, descend through a secret helipad opening in the roof, debrief in a war room with generals, and then head over to the Oval Office to start his diplomatic and executive duties for the rest of the day.  

Mr, President, could you do that every day for all four years of your next term, dealing with most likely some level of PTSD and possible burns, bullet injuries, or amputations?  Try to imagine dealing with the personal damages of war while all the time keeping a straight face and a complacent will.  That’s what you’re asking and paying our soldiers to do, typically as a result of their loyalty to their country.  They are the brave ones willing to do violent and dangerous things in the night because you’ve told them that they are protecting their country. At the same time the rest of the country, for the most part, sleeps safe and sound at night.

Unfortunately for you, because of your current job, you seem to be responsible for the myriad of results from United States Uniformed Armed Service actions, of course not by yourself but in collusion with several other people, including but not limited to, your presidential cabinet.

It would be a true stain on your legacy and a horrible blow to your character if history proves that the United States Military combat actions in Iraq and/or Afghanistan were an overall detriment to the societies of Iraq, Afghanistan and the world.  It would fail the country miserably if our military intervention turned out to be the cause of a worldwide isolationist backlash against the innocent people of America, and the bankruptcy of a great nation of thinking people capable of both economic prosperity and peace.

It’s true you inherited both wars.  But the excuse of George W. Bush, LLC, must not excuse your future choices, his mistakes must not become yours.  You cannot be misled if you are to assume the most difficult role of peacemaker.  This is your destiny.  I hope you are the right man to see through this evil of the world.

You must end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and convince the Israelis and Palestinians to do the same by setting the proper example.  Iran must not be attacked militarily unless it can be openly proved to every man, woman, and child of the world that Iran as a nation has already attacked a US Citizen, destroyed US property, or disrupted US sovereignty.  There are no excuses that can excuse our current perpetual wars.  Nations cannot profit and people cannot be safe while waging war.  Especially if they are nearing absolute bankruptcy.

I don’t know if you are a good man or a bad man.  Able or incompetent.   It’s very possible that buried under ignorant and incorrect government policies is a truly good man.  I hope that my judgement is at least just as good.

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