Learn to Speak Austrian Fluently

We were discussing the intricacies of inflation, gold, the Federal Reserve and the like at my last Campaign for Liberty meet up; several of my colleagues confessed that they regrettably didn’t understand the matters fluently. (One of them a banker!) Another writer for Young Americans for Liberty wrote recently about the next generation of Austrian economists, in order for the next generation to come up with fresh ideas to explain Austrian Economics- it is prudent for us to understand it in the first place.

I would suggest doing what my C4L meet up group is doing- start off reading Murray Rothbard’s What Has Government Done to Our Money, and Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson. Both are wonderfully short in length and remarkably clear. I printed off and read all 112 one sided pages of Rothbard’s work in pdf format at work. SHH don’t tell!

Then follow up with this Mises Institute article on the Austrian Business Cycle which I have converted to a convenient, slightly lame and poorly done, chart-HERE. Now you should be able to tame even the most hardheaded Statist on the block.  



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