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Have you ever wanted to expand your knowledge of free-market and classical liberal theories and schools of thought but haven’t had the time to travel to a far-away seminar or regional conference? Have you been to said seminars and conferences but wanted to expand your knowledge anyhow? 

LearnLiberty, a relatively new project spearheded by George Mason University’s Institute for Humane Studies, has begun offering what may just be what you are looking for!

LibertyAcademy is a new, self-paced, free distance education program designed to allow members to study whatever path in classical liberal thought that they wish to study. Users simply choose a pathway, watch short videos from classical liberal experts from the nation’s top universities, are offered further information that they may wish to study and are presented with a short quiz to test their knowledge.

Currently, in its open beta, the program offers studies in both economics and philosophy, with plans to extend the program into law, history, and political science.

Below is a sample video from the program, covering lesson 8 of the economics path: “The Seen and the Unseen.”

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