Leaving Aside Sorba, the Whole Panel Was Rotten

In addition to that YAF Creep, most of the rest “Two Minute Activist” panel in which he participated was also awful. And with the exception of SFL’s Alexander McCobin, none of them challenged the drone neocon component of the audience to the slightest. I’m not saying these other guys aren’t independent thinkers — I don’t know them — but they certainly didn’t exhibit any independent thought through the panel.

Particularly funny was how anti-liberty the panel’s message was. I could point to so many ridiculous examples, but I will here mention I counted four speakers telling teens to promote their career by running for office under the now-meaningless platitude of “conservativism.” A real “conservative” would never become a parasite unless he is doing it of principle, not self-advancement!

Also shocking was the hokey MC’s description of these kids at the end. She said something along the lines of: “Later in life these people will rule the world, and we can say we knew them.” After this, the neocons in the crowd clapped raw — as if the thought of conventional politicos “ruling” us is desirable!

Power, not principle, is what much of modern conservativism is about.

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