Legal and Ethical Issues Surrounding Polygraph Evidence in Court

YAL at Western State University College of Law sponsored a polygraph (lie detector) event this semester and it was a great success.

Brian Morris, a polygraph examiner and national certified instructor of polygraph, gave a presentation on the current legal issues facing polygraph examinations. In addition, he gave a live demonstration of a polygraph test on a student volunteer.


One of the most interesting parts of the presentation was the speaker’s acknowledgement that New Mexico currently has the most liberal laws for admitting polygraph evidence in court.  He described New Mexico as a test state, that the country can watch, to determine if allowing polygraph test evidence in court is a good or a bad idea.

The event had a great turnout for our small school (about 50 people) and a good discussion followed the event.  It was a great opportunity to show other students the types of discussions our group likes to engage in during meetings.

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