Lessons from Dr. Marc Allan Feldman

The late Dr. Marc Allan Feldman embodied all that was good and right about being a libertarian. Dr. Feldman, a relatively unknown libertarian figure, took up his trade as an anesthesiologist at the renowned Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. It wasn’t until age 50 that he registered to vote and subsequently ran for Ohio Attorney General in 2010, amassing over 100,000 votes (almost 3% of the vote). Later, in 2014, he would run for Ohio Treasurer, although was forced off the ballot. In his brief career in politics,

Dr. Feldman flew relatively under the radar until his breakout debate performance in late May. In this debate, Dr. Feldman consistently answered questions with quick quips, combining both wit and compassion. It was clear Dr. Feldman had both a deep understanding of the libertarian philosophy as well as the wherewithal to remove the politicization from issues concerning our nation and replace it with sincere humanity. Dr. Feldman was a breath of fresh air within libertarian circles, which has been riddled with infighting based on nitpicked issues. It seemed as if Feldman’s standing in the liberty movement was just beginning to rise, yet he tragically and abruptly passed away only a month after his breakout moment. The least we could do to honor him is to take a page out of his playbook and approach our philosophy with civility, open-mindedness, and compassion, rather than the smug intellectualism and purism that is all too common in our circles.

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